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Dr Rosalind Foster

Dr Ros Foster has more than 20 years’ experience working as a specialist sexual health physician.

Ros is passionate about enabling patients to optimise their long-term sexual and hormonal health.

She practises a compassionate and holistic model of individualised, high quality and evidence-informed patient care.

Dr Ros Foster is currently training in integrative medicine and offers combined consultations with a naturopath for people of all genders aged 16 and over.

Dr Rosalind Foster

Media and Podcasts

A collection of recent articles and podcast episodes.


How much havoc can ‘love bugs’ really cause?

Besides some itches here, some pustules there and maybe a little discharge, how much damage can STI’s really cause?

According to Dr Ros Foster, having uncomfortable netherregions may be the least of your problems if your STI goes untreated – especially if you see children in your future.

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Should I use feminine hygiene wash? Thrush, BV and when it’s not an STI

What’s the best care for down-there? When it’s not an STI, can feminine hygiene wash solve the problem? And will yoga pants give me thrush?

These are just some of the questions host Dr Sne Wadhwani puts to Dr Ros Foster, a sexual health physician with over 20 years under her belt.

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What is HRT?

Everything you want to know about HRT, how it works and it’s potential benefits.

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Freshwater Clinic

Our Clinic offers traditional GP speciliast services for commonly occurring health issues, as well as tackling uncommon and chronic diseases.

With a clear focus on preventative medicine, we provide additional integrative lifestyle health approaches for more complex health issues.

This model has demonstrated exceptional results in areas such as anxiety, depressions, digestive problems, insomnia, allergies, diabetes and other chronic and inflammatory conditions.

The Freshwater Clinic has five consultation rooms as well as a dedicated IV treatment centre.

The Clinic is located in the Health & Wellness precinct of Harbord Diggers, well positioned between complementary allied health services.

Areas of Interest

Areas of Interest
Sexual Health
Reproductive Health
Genitourinary Medicine
HIV Medicine
Hormonal Health
Sexual Function
STI Management


University of Birmingham
Royal College of Physicians
Kings College London
Conjoint Senior Lecturer in Sexual Health, UNSW
Royal Australasian College of Physicians

Freshwater Clinic

The state of the art health clinic brings revolutionary holistic health to the Northern Beaches.

With a team of complementary healthcare professionals all under one roof, specialising in chronic and difficult to treat conditions, including General Practitioners and Integrative Doctors.